Dom’s Cultured Products

Dom Anfiteatro passed away in February 2021; however, many of the the cultured products he created and nurtured are still available for purchase directly from his wife, Sandra. And by ordering directly from Sandra, you are supporting the family and Dom’s legacy.

For complete product details, including pricing and shipping options, please send an e-mail to Sandra: sandravsciascia at gmail [dot] com.

You can reach Sandra with questions regarding how to order at +61 452 660 763 or in in Australia, 0452 660763.

Product Overview

(Note: The following descriptions are from Dom).

  • Quality milk kefir grains: Either fresh grains that are active and ready-to-use on arrival or dry, dormant grains that need to be activated.
  • Quality water kefir-grains: Either fresh or dry as per milk kefir-grains above.
  • Fresh Kombucha with SCOBY starter.
  • Fresh Jun with SCOBY starter. Similar to Kombucha but made with honey and green tea.
  • Dry natural Viili starter. Minimum 2 year shelf life.
  • Dry natural Caspian Sea Yogurt starter: Very similar to Viili above.
  • Dom’s Kefir ebook
  • Dom’s music CD, “Music For-Life”: Includes Let’s Say Kefir! + Sayonara Whalers songs. 11 tracks altogether.

Australian Inquiries

Delivery of fresh, live, ready-for-use kefir grains within Australia are shipped by Express Post Australia. Please note that in some cases, orders may be delayed a few days while we wait for growth to increase. When products are shipped, goods are delivered by the next business working day, depending if the destination post code meets the guaranteed 24 hour delivery network. Otherwise, goods take up to three days to deliver. In all cases, Express Post deliveries arrive in excellent condition. All other products may be shipped by airmail, depending on the order.

Instruction fliers with easy-to-follow directions explaining how to use the particular culture, recipes, troubleshooting tips is provided to match any particular culture of interest. All cultures are packaged in strong, food-grade machine vacuum packaging, which thus far has handsomely withstood national and international transit conditions.

For Complete order details please see above to email us and get a personal reply as soon as possible.

Overseas Inquiries

At present, and with Covid restrictions, the only option for shipping both Fresh and Dry Cultures is via Priority Mail. Once we confirm shipment, a parcel tracking number is provided by email, so that the parcel can be tracked online to most countries, for your convenience.

Extensive easy-to-follow instruction fliers with directions and troubleshooting are supplied to match any particular culture of interest. And all goods are packaged in strong, food-grade machine vacuum pack.

For complete product details, including pricing and shipping options, please send an e-mail to Sandra at; sandravsciascia at gmail [dot] com. And please, remember to include country of origin with your inquiry to receive appropriate cost-to-supply details.

Thank you in advance for your support, and please be patient with a reply if you do not get one right away.

Product Details

Milk kefir-grains: I obtained my milk kefir-grains in late summer of 1978 from a local friend who has her own milking goats. The circumstances surrounding the fashion if which I was able to procure those milk kefir-grains, which I was on the lookout for about 3 years prior, is an interesting story in its own merit. The culture has been diligently cared for by yours truly over this time. Among the original stock is currently a mixture of now 12 other batches of milk kefir-grains which have been obtained from different sources around the world over the years. These are now mixed together as a single batch, to ensure best quality culture from all batches mixed together as one. This is my personal observation with much research on my part.

My milk kefir-grains are cultured in whole goat’s milk, or certified bio-dynamic/organic whole cow’s milk.

Water kefir-grains, or sugary kefir-grains [SKG]. My stock of SKG are just superbly wonderful. I culture SKG with certified organic ingredients. My SKG increase by no less than 100% per each brew. I find that the more SKG increase, the healthier the water kefir they produce. This is because SKG organisms remove almost all the sugar in solution, creating new grains from that sugar. We are left with a very mildly sweet, refreshing water kefir, containing less sugar content than a Granny Smith apple per serving.

Kombucha starter with SCOBY for preparing the refreshing and healthy kombucha beverage.

Jun starter with SCOBY is simply kombucha that has been adapted to culture with honey and green tea as opposed to black tea and cane sugar used for kombucha.

Dry viili starter is one that I have personally developed on organic cow’s milk powder. The dry starter has a guaranteed shelf life of no less than 2 years in the original packaging. However, my tests show it lasts up to 4 years stored under cool, dry stable conditions.

Viili is relatively sweet for a culture-milk, for the culture produces a thick, viscose health-promoting polysaccharide rather than lactic and other organic acids, compared to other culture milk-products. Viili is very easy to make. Simply keep 2 Tbs of viili from the previous batch. Spread that along the bottom and part way up the jar. Add more milk to the jar, cover to keep out dust and insects and let stand for 12 to 24 hours at moderate room temperature. At this point you are left with this amazing viili to enjoy, each and every time. Viili is an extremely robust culture, and 100% natural.

Kefir! A Probiotic Gem Cultured with Probiotic Jewels; Kefir Grains! The book is designed to compliment the information found at this web site on kefir. I guess one could say that I use reverse psychology to help with sales of my book. Instead of hinting what my book contains so that the interested buyer has to purchase the book for the complete details, I, instead, provide an overwhelming amount of information right here at my site, for free. On the other hand, the information in my book is ready at hand in a condensed easy to read format. The book contains unique, practical information regarding well researched health-benefits of kefir and kefir grains, and how to implement these to possibly assist with a variety of health related issues. The book includes FAQs, unique recipes, and how to care for your precious rare milk kefir-grains and water kefir-grains, or sugary kefir-grains [SKG]. Some information in my book is not found among this site, nor any where else for that matter.

My CD album includes the song, Let’s say Kefir! to keep you, your family and friends including your cultures dancing and lively. Youngsters, teenagers and older folks alike are enjoying my music. The kefir song not only explained how individuals around the world pronounce KEFIR, the song can entice youngsters to enjoy a healthy beverage kefir. This is thanks to our daughter Shedea. Her cute little voice is among the song deliciously offering her mother Sandra and me, kefir at 20 months of age. The CD also includes a track about the ongoing challenge to save the whales, Sayonara whalers.