How Much Kefir Should I Drink A Day?

This is a difficult question to answer, but I shall share my personal thoughts and experiences of others, including some research. Certain individuals find they can comfortably drink between 1 to 4 cups of milk or water kefir each day, either on a continuous basis, or for a certain period of time taking a short break say abstaining over the week end or on a regular basis. Although I can not see why one can not drink appreciable or acceptable amounts of kefir every day, I personally believe in practicing moderation. I feel that drinking 1 to 2 cups kefir … Read more

Kefir Fermentation

Kefir Fermentation

How Long Does it Take Kefir to Ferment? Generally, the time needed for kefir grains to complete fermentation can be determined by: Microbial/culture activity of your kefir grains. Grain-to-milk ratio. Temperature. How much lactose one intends to reduce in their kefir (longer fermentation = less lactose). Type of kefir you want to prepare. The optimum time for fermenting milk kefir is 24 hours at moderate room temperature of about 22°C with established kefir grains and that is when it should be strained. However, kefir can be fermented for shorter or a little longer period, depending on how you prefer your … Read more

Kefir Grains to Milk Ratio

The ratio of kefir grains to milk for preparing kefir, is quite flexible. But it can be determined by: Temperature – less milk may be used under cooler conditions, for the culture is less active. The activity of your kefir grains at any given point (culture activity of kefir grains can vary and is adjustable). The type of kefir you wish to produce (mild, slightly sour, extra sour. Lesser lactose with longer fermentation). Culturing at temperatures ranging between 20°C to 28°C [64°F – 82°F], a grain-to-milk ratio by part or by volume of 1 : 10 and up to 1 … Read more

How To Store Kefir Grains

It’s always a good idea to have back up, correct? This is also true with kefir grains, because you never know when you’ll need them. One day, you may end up feeling glad you create that back up, or, regret that you never did! It’s in your hands. Freezing Kefir Grains, both water and milk kefir-grains One method for storing kefir grains for periods of up to 2 months, is by freezing spare grains. To freeze effectively, wash the grains with pre-boiled COOLED water. Pat-dry the grains between pre-ironed cooled white toweling to remove excess moisture. Place the grains in … Read more

What Does Kefir Taste Like?

What does kefir taste like

Kefir that has been fermented for 24 hours will typically have a slightly tart, but not sour taste. It will have a slight fizz due to the carbonation that occurs during fermentation, and it will have a smooth, pourable consistency that is similar to a smoothie. The aroma will be ever-so yeasty, like bread or a mild cheese. Does Kefir Taste Sour? In most cases, Kefir will not taste sour, but rather it will have a mild tart flavor; however, as you keep the milk in contact with the Kefir grains, the more sour sour the Kefir. In addition, after … Read more

Low Sodium Sauerkraut Using Kefir Grains

Kefirkraut is a low sodium sauerkraut that is similar to, but superior to, traditional sauerkraut, I feel, and so do the many individuals who have testified to this. The reason being that sauerkraut is traditionally prepared by the fermentation of fresh, shredded cabbage with the addition of 2% to 3% salt. In this case, common sauerkraut normally takes between 3 to 6 weeks to culture, because salt heavily retards the fermentation process. On the opposite side of the chopping board however, kefirkraut is cultured with the addition of kefir grains incorporated as a starter-enhancer. This permits the culture-process to proceed … Read more

Kefir Nutrition Label

kefir nutrition label

Components Per 100gm Components Per 100gm Percent Minerals Milligram Energy 61 KCala Calcium 120 Fat 3.5a Phosphor 100 Protein 3.3j Magnesium 12 Lactose 3.5a Potassium 150 Water 87.5a Sodium 50 Chloride 100 Gram Vitamins Milligram Milk acid 0.8 A 0.06 Pyruvic acid b Carotene 0.02 Hippuric acid b Thiamin 0.02 Orotic acid c B2 0.17 Citric acid c B6 0.05 Lactic acid 1d B12 0.005 Ethyl alcohol h Folic acid 0.0095f Butyric acid h Niacin 0.09 Palmiitic acid h C 1 Palmitoleic acid h D 0.08 Oleic acid h E 0.11 Cholesterol 0.005-0.013i Phosphates 0.04 Essential Amino Acids Gram Trace … Read more

How to Make Kefir

This web page explains how to make kefir include dairy-milk kefir, water kefir and other non-dairy kefir-related beverages. The following culture-products are cultured with kefir grains. Most of these products, which include Kefir d’erba medica, Kefir d’uva and Kefir d’ pollin were developed by yours truly. A recipe for preparing the infamous water-kefir or Kefir d’acqua is also represented. In addition, details for experimental and alternative methods for preparing kefir are shared here also. Recipe for How to Make Traditional Milk Kefir For 2-cups of Milk Kefir 1 to 2 tablespoons milk Kefir-Grains. To obtain kefir grains please go to … Read more

Kefir Cheese

Kefir Cheese

Making Kefir Cheese: The Basics There are a few basic steps for producing cheese, all which share one thing in common, and that is the coagulation of fresh milk to produce curds and whey, the whey portion if which is separated, leaving the curd or fresh cheese. This is where kefir comes in to play. Kefir may be used in two ways to produce wonderful cheeses of many types: By straining ready-to-drink liquid-kefir through a tightly woven cloth to drain the whey [kefir-whey] from the curd or casein. This produces a condensed fresh sour-curd, a creamy cheese which I’ve named … Read more

Kefir Grains

Dom Anfiteatro passed away in February 2021, and his extensive research and writing was temporarily lost from the internet; however, with the assistance of his wife Sandra, and daughter Shedea, we have given it to a new home here at My Fermented Life. Many of the the cultured products he created and nurtured are still available for purchase directly from his wife, Sandra. And by ordering directly from Sandra, you are supporting Dom’s family and legacy. More information about current products is available here. Dom’s Kefir Grains Page Content Introduction Here abides information regarding a large collection of unique and … Read more